Redesigned Facebook web interface with Dark Mode

Facebook’s new look was announced last year, and in recent months more users were randomly invited to the trials. However, most people still use the older version. A pity, because there is something to wait for.

The designers created a browser version of Facebook similar to that known from mobile devices. The main update will be the Facebook Dark Mode, which basically all major operating systems have already started supporting.

However, the settings have a dark mode hidden in the redesign. According to app hacker Jen Manchun Wong, who has been testing the new design for months, if the system-wide dark mode is set on your PC, the new site will not automatically switch to dark mode; You must manually turn it on or off.

When to expect – Facebook Dark Mode?

Although tests on the new version of Facebook have been going on for months and were scheduled to finish at the end of 2019, this did not happen. Apparently, the creators of the portal needed a little more time to refine the details. However, it looks like they are finishing.

We do not know the exact date of the global launch of the new version of Facebook. However, portal representatives pointed out that according to the current schedule, all users will be getting access to the new version “before spring arrives”.

Of course, it has not been ruled out that the old form will still be active after March 20 – this is not the first time Facebook fails to meet the deadline. We are still waiting for Desktop Messenger, which was to be released before the end of 2019. Let’s hope, however, that this time the portal will keep its word.

Dark mode is not, after all, the only novelty that Facebook is preparing.

The new version of the website has been redesigned to have the appearance of the main page of the site. The left column now looks like the burger menu from the mobile application. Navigation buttons consisting of text and icons are now very large.

Source: Facebook

Too many place-taking relationships on the home page have not disappeared. The stories also received a dedicated full-screen interface. The notification panel is not a pop-up window, and it is still not the end of changes.

Facebook has not commented on when Dark Mode feature will be available for mobile, but we hope it won’t be too far. For now, the waiting game continues.


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